Do's & Don'ts of Self - Storage

Published on 10/22/2021

Level up your storage game with our Professional Tips on self-storage. 

The critical step to intensify your storage plans is selecting an appropriate storage unit. Once you achieve this goal, you can take care of further steps conveniently. Take a glance at our hints and hacks.

  1. Shield your goods from fluttery weather

Weather is the ultimate game-changer of storage plans. Storage is the primary issue during humid and monsoon climates. Secure the items in plastic wraps or containers items like Clothes, Books, Photos, Electronics, Wooden objects, etc. As cardboard does not withstand humid conditions, it is advisable to store them in plastic containers, bubble wraps, or plastic boxes. Even excess heat or cool is equally an enemy for storage. Climate controlled place would be an ideal suggestion for such storage. 

  1. Avoid confusion with grouping

Classify items according to Hazardous, Delicate items, Metallic, Temperature-sensitive, Chemicals, etc. It will help you to locate them effortlessly and will inform others to have cautious handling of goods. 

  1. Precaution is priority

Safety while handling is of utmost importance while handling Electronics items, Drugs, and Dyes. Pack electronic items with blankets, towels, table linens, and even heavy clothing to prevent accidental damage.

  1. Say a big NO to these items.

Storage of flammable, combustible, perishable items, and hazardous materials are prohibited.

  1. Separate by sizes

Categorize and arrange goods according to their weights and breakability. Arrange the goods from bigger ones residing back to smaller ones in front. It makes them easier to spot and gives some extra space.

  1. Code it with colors

Have color codes for products and label them accordingly. It would avoid misplacing and mishandling of goods.

  1. Pile up some supplies, be aware of pests

 Stock packing supplies and invest in plastic containers, bubble wraps, cardboard boxes. Use new boxes for packaging, as old ones might harbor pests. Weather shield the packaging from fungus, molds, insects, and rodents by employing plastic containers and bubble wraps.

  1. Be a master of cleanliness

Haven’t we all heard about “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”? A clean place free of dust and dirt is an ideal place to store any item. For furniture, Leather, and Clothes storage, the unit needs to be extra clean. An unclean place can decrease the shelf life of the goods.

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